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Proudly childfree, atheist cat lady…any other societal norms I can stomp all over?

  1. Ashley permalink

    Your blogs has me in tears FROM HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER! I’ve enjoyed your posts. Lets celebrate the Feast of Lupercal and host an old fashioned orgy. Cheers Mate! Miss you πŸ™‚

    • I’ll bring the wine if you can dig up some sweaty, naked dudes! I miss you, too! Please tell me you’re going to be in Baltimore in late April/early May?

      Also, I love that you made another comment just to correct a typo. English majors FTW!

  2. Ashley permalink

    ugh I can’t stand that typo… “your blogs has me in tears” 😐 YOUR BLOG* but I have enjoyed each heartwarming entry

  3. Ashley permalink

    oh wait… here are those comments I thought went missing…. I’m polluting your PERFECT BLOG with my own senseless confusion. I’m hitting the pathetic Liberty Ski slopes this friday in balmy 50 degree weather. I’ll be thinking of you. ALSO, YES! I will BE HERE IN LATE APRIL, unfortunately. I swear I’m heading back to Cali… Give it time, child.

    • Herp derp…guess I wasn’t looking at where those comments posted! Oh well, I’ll leave my previous comment raging foolishly at WordPress alive so I can have evidence that I’m not perfect and am generally talking out my ass most times.

      Well, if it’s 50 degrees, at least those slopes won’t be a pitched ice rink! But you gotta come out here and try skiing in the Rockies sometime. πŸ˜‰ And I’m glad you’ll be on the coast I’m headed for in late April, because it’s shaping up into a solid “definitely maybe almost certainly yes”! Lurve and miss ya, sweetheart!

  4. Love your blog title and tagline!

  5. Holy Hannah, your “I’ve got 99 problems” line almost made me spit out my coffee! Love it!

  6. Your blog is amazing and I always enjoy reading it! πŸ™‚
    That’s way I nominated you for the SUNSHINE AWARD!
    Details are on my page

  7. My cat and I think your blog is very funny.

    • Awww, kitty! High praise, indeed. Getting my cat to do more than sniff disdainfully at things I find funny is always a chore. Some life partner he’s turning out to be.

  8. Your wit is as dry as I like my gin. Don’t usually check out the random offerings on ‘freshly pressed’, cos I am so easily distracted from what I should be doing, but v.v. glad I did today…mind you, you are talking to the already converted re: cats, religion or lack of, and human life partners πŸ˜‰

    • Always good to meet the likeminded, as I can now say in reciprocity from reading your comments! Naturally, I made embarrassing baby-talk noises when I saw your picture.

      • Nobody else heard you, I promise. Curdle pretended not to flattered when I told her, but now she’s purring and being nice to my laptop. She is very tolerant of my blogging, as it means I stay home even more and she knows where to find me – though to be honest, she has more followers than me, in the shape of some very handsome black and white tom cats, who serenade her and steal her dinner. Anyone would think she’d not been neutered. Looking forward to your next musings, take care.ddd

  9. Hon, double your age, take off a pinch, and I’m you. 47, no husband or wife, no kids, no desire for either, and an unpleasant habit of pointing out the elephants in the living room without apology. I also have a good job that I enjoy that pays nicely, disposable income, freedom to travel, a piano, a Rodgers 820 Alexandria organ, a viola, and the free time to put them all to good use.

    I used to get crap for not wanting kids or a spouse, but the same women who gave me crap 20 years ago are now blunt in their naked envy for a lifestyle that involves cooking what I want, playing piano all night if I feel like it when I get home from work, investing my money how I want, having peace and quiet, putting things down and having them stay there (excepting when my beloved, beautiful, and departed kitty decided to engage in a little feline home decorating), etc. etc. etc.

    Ignore the idiots. If you are blessed with a minimal libido and no desire for small dependent housemates excepting those wonderful exceptions with fur and four legs that crap in a box, you get to live the life you really want. Having your bed, your fridge, your money, and your time to yourself is lovely. And it only gets lovelier as time goes on. πŸ™‚

    That said, save the shit out of your money. We’ve got only one income, and only one SS benefits check to rely on. Ebenezer Scrooge is your best financial role model.

  10. Love you writing style – very witty, intelligent, and entertaining. Look forward to reading more! πŸ™‚

  11. Based on your blog’s title, tagline, and about page, I figured this would be right up my alley. What I didn’t anticipate was just how hard I’d be laughing. Your writing style is refreshing and hilarious!

  12. i nominated you for the sunshine award!!

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