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I’m a Total Sellout.

August 22, 2014

So I would say that half my posts on this blog at this point are apologies for why I haven’t posted on this blog recently, and for that, I sincerely apologize. But thanks to some awesome friends who have bared their souls to the interwebz (in particular Allison McCarthy, who inspired this particular long-winded preamble for reasons that will become clear in a sec), I have decided to see if there’s a paying outlet for my rants on singledom and childfreehood, or is it singlehood and childfreedom? No matter how you say it, either stance is controversial enough, I reckoned, to be juicy clickbait!

And I was right. So if you haven’t read enough about why I don’t date or want to see pictures of me being a goof on two different mountaintops, head over to xoJane, where the aforementioned Allison McCarthy has now published three different articles on topics that are also near and dear to my heart and made me think, “Hey, maybe there’s a new audience for me, too!”

So keep your eyes peeled for more from me, including stuff that isn’t just links to other places, though I will continue to try and pimp my writing out as much as possible due to an upcoming move to one of the most expensive locales in the United States (yay me?). But since I will likely continue to have disconnected thoughts that no editor worth their salary would consider publication-worthy, y’all will likely still get the gold nuggets that emerge from my stream of consciousness.

Unless you’re interested in advertising in this space. I offer totally competitive rates.


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  1. It’s called “having a busy life”. Don’t apologize for that.

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