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I’m Such a Tease.

September 3, 2013

I’m not writing a full post until tomorrrow (if I get my computer back from repairs with a hopefully recovered photo library–yes, I’ve been scratching my head and shouting “WTF?!” at my computer repeatedly, and the computer’s response boiled down to, “Haha, bitch! Read between the lines!” because my computer is very mature in nature. At any rate, it might be later this week, but I’m aiming for tomorrow).

Instead, I will link to a piece of mine that the epically amazing The Blow Off posted today: “the two in one BLOW OFF (AKA how I cheated on my rebound with my ex)”. If you came here from The Blow Off and are now seeing this, sorry ’bout the vicious cycle I’ve sent you into. If you didn’t, go over there, check out my piece, then read everything else on the site. Even if you’re happily single or happily committed, you’ll totally relate!

Though hopefully not to this particular piece, because it provides yet another reason why it’s just good for everyone if I don’t ever date again. It also reaffirms that no matter how you do it, breaking up sucks, although some methods of doing the deed are better than others.

So yeah, this post is a straight-up link-splosion, the blog equivalent of a clip show. But if you are new here, you can read my thoughs on marriage, children, religion, beauty, Facebook, hooking for Jesus, and chivalry. Actually, you should go check that last one out even if you’ve already seen it–I just got my very first hater! Isn’t that some kind of milestone in blogging?

P.S. I’m thinking of setting up a Facebook page so that I can put crap like this up there and not waste blog space. It’d also be good for articles, discussions, and random thoughts that interest me, but I can’t come up with a solid blog post’s worth of material on. If I were to do that, would anyone follow it? If so, I’ll quit being a lazy ass and go make the damn thing!




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  1. Yes, I will like and follow on FB : ) Going to read the about the blow off now. Yay!

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