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Sweeter Service for Singles

January 14, 2013

Over the weekend, I attained my Level I Certified status as a ski instructor, which will mean a bump in pay and a small tick mark of success for women who work in industries that are still working on introducing a few taco stands to the main attraction that is the sausagefest. And if you don’t get what I mean, you are definitely way too young to be reading this blog, possibly to be on the internet at all. Go outside and throw a Frisbee or come up and learn to ski and have your parents ask for me as your instructor.

At any rate, the reason I bring up this personal achievement besides the sheer pleasure of bragging is that I engaged in my usual post-skiing activity of watching the trashiest thing I could find on television. In this case, it was TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress. Needless to say, I have a post in mind–make that several posts, most likely–on how this show exemplifies several things I hate about the wedding industry, but for the time being, I’m only going to point to it as useful background noise that really inspired me to create the blog’s new theme picture.

If you liked it, then you should've put a ring on it. If I liked rings.

The fact that I don’t have to go through any of the wedding industry’s con artistry also reminded me that I mentioned in my first post how I intended to write about the awesome side of singledom. And one of those reminders of when being single kicks ass came home to me today.

One of my favorite breakfast places here in the Mile High City is Snooze. Seriously, if you’re even in Denver, go check it out. They have pancakes that will make you wonder why you need a boyfriend, if you get my drift. And again, if you don’t, I teach kids as well as adults how to ski. The waitstaff, too, is amazing, so make sure you budget enough to leave them at least 20%. And I don’t just say that as a member of the service industry myself.

One of the downsides of the food and service being so awesome is that even at 10 on a Monday morning, the line to get a seat will probably be out the door. Or at least crammed precipitously close to the door for it being 10 degrees outside. I did not have high hopes, having heard, “It’ll be about twenty, thirty minutes, okay?” on three separate occasions.

And yet, when I sidled up to the counter with my, “Just one today,” the hostess immediately responded, “We can seat you at the counter right now, if that’s all right.”

Damn straight it was all right. I had to hide a smirk from the impatient couples huddling together less for PDA than for crowd control as I was whisked away to my seat and sipping coffee before the hostess had even gotten back to her station.

And forget about single people, especially single women, getting the short end of the stick on service. Perhaps it’s because I was already a Snooze regular before the break-up, or perhaps (most likely) it’s just that the waiters and waitresses are simply that awesome, but I was attended to promptly and with a smile and conversation. I even scored one of the free pancakes-of-the-day that the staff members can give to customers, and I rejoiced in not having to share it with anyone.

Granted, on a scale of reasons why you should dump someone you’re happy with, being able to squeeze into a smaller space (hopefully) ranks pretty low. But when you’re not happy with someone and can only find lame excuses for staying together, you might also find it encouraging that you won’t get the fisheye and might even benefit from being single at some establishments.

Just remember to say no the dress if you don’t want the high you’ve gotten from such an experience to go down like a skier with a broken binding on an icy Super-G race course. Not that I’ve ever done that. On my face. While shrieking at the top of my lungs.


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